Happy JojoValentine2k14! (。◝‿◜。)

Caesar x Joseph for moomints!! I hope you like it, eheh! I had lots of fun making this art piece~ *✧

(please click on the pic to see it better)

(Art by TH)

Jolyne was a bit hard to genderswap…! But she turned out quite handsome, don’t you think so?

Art by TH

Mista’s face is ART


J-Just for how long I’ve been away from this blog…?? Time flies awfully quickly it seems! I had a ridiculously long Christmas break but I failed to use it wisely… (at least I managed to draw Giorno and Polnareff as handsome goats for my friend… goats). And there’s even more new followers than I’ve ever had during my 3 years of tumblring (yay?)?? Hello, where did you guys come from??

Fem! Dio & Jonathan

Art by TH

(uh among the genderbent characters fem!Dio was definitely the most fun to draw *¬* )

Fem!Gappy o/ (I had hard time deciding between long and short hair…)

Art by TH

This time it’s Fem!Johnny ! (*¬*) 

Art by TH

It’ll be a week of genderswapping

During this weekend, I managed to produce over 10 sketches of JJBA male characters turned into females (and a few females turned into males, too!)…

…?? Just where did I get the energy to do so many sketches, now I have to find the energy AND motivation to finish them too…! I do hope that I’ll be able to finish one sketch per day, so that I can update this blog daily! That would be nice, yeah. But I won’t be too strict with this plan, so that I won’t lose the fun in finishing the pieces…

Most of those genderswapped guys are just “women” with a masculine face and boobs, please do not get too excited ahaha or you’re gonna be so disappointed


"Weren’t you supposed to finish those older requests..??"