Gotta get myself into drawing adorable jojos again!

I think I’ve lost my list where I’ve written down the requests I’ve received, if you have requested something from me and you believe I haven’t drawn it yet, please do request once again! (。◝‿◜。)

New requests are welcome, too! (I won’t draw clearly nsfw stuff but mild ones might be ok depending on the request)image

Look at that pretty shelf full of JJBA manga, still as popular as ever!

I visited Kyoto last week, there was quite a lot of ads of JJBA’s Stardust Crusaders anime! I can’t believe I had energy to fangirl at every JoJo thing I spotted in Kyoto and Osaka…. There was also the JoJo’s 3rd anime season TV ad going on in our karaoke booth’s TV, so my group had to endure my JoJo fangirl mode for a bit before we could start singing…. I didn’t let them to skip the ads ahaha I am not sorry everyone (゜▽゜;)

The bubble vomiting maker lady Caesar, I think I fell in love… *_*

Art by TH

Oh my god I am alive…. I realized I haven’t completed my little JoJo genderswapping project yet! Here’s lady Joseph-……Josephina? Josefina?

Art by TH


Happy JojoValentine2k14! (。◝‿◜。)

Caesar x Joseph for moomints!! I hope you like it, eheh! I had lots of fun making this art piece~ *✧

(please click on the pic to see it better)

(Art by TH)

Jolyne was a bit hard to genderswap…! But she turned out quite handsome, don’t you think so?

Art by TH

Mista’s face is ART


J-Just for how long I’ve been away from this blog…?? Time flies awfully quickly it seems! I had a ridiculously long Christmas break but I failed to use it wisely… (at least I managed to draw Giorno and Polnareff as handsome goats for my friend… goats). And there’s even more new followers than I’ve ever had during my 3 years of tumblring (yay?)?? Hello, where did you guys come from??

Fem! Dio & Jonathan

Art by TH

(uh among the genderbent characters fem!Dio was definitely the most fun to draw *¬* )

Fem!Gappy o/ (I had hard time deciding between long and short hair…)

Art by TH